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(Kevin Osorio) is a Producer/DJ born and raised in Miami, FL. Early in his childhood he was introduced to Rock music and subsequently Linkin Park and has been greatly influenced by the genre and band ever since. The heavy guitar riffs and pulsating drum rhythms resonated in a way he felt never before and led him to a place where he could finally express himself... through music. 


In 2013 when Electronic Dance Music was first surging, Linkin Park re-released their entire catalogue in EDM form. The rest was history and OVTBVRST was born. Over the years, OVTBVRST's passion for electronic music grew into a love for Dubstep and all things Bass. When he is On-Stage it is all about having a good time and letting everything out, an OVTBVRST of emotion. Thus... OVTBVRST. Also an avid production head, OVTBVRST has produced live events for FIFA, DHL, Pepsi, NFL, ESPN, Ford, Courvoisier, to name a few. 


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Notable Venues

Denial Events Miami Music Week @ Hangar - Miami

Penthouse Hotel Miami Music Week - Miami

The Fillmore - Miami

Knockdown Center - NYC

Juvia - Miami

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