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Excelling in his production with passion, JAUREGUII remains a notable DJ and producer who has established a unique approach to the formation of sound. Previously under the alias Vibeshock, JAUREGUII continues to create alluring tracks in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Developing a love for the city, his sound has become inspired by its nightlife and embraces techno, trance and progressive currents.

Receiving recognition from various names in the industry such as Hardwell, Cosmic Gate, and JES, JAUREGUII continues to prove his talent to a wide variety of listeners. JAUREGUII demonstrates his broad skill set not only as a solo artist, but also alongside Blake Bateman as the haunting DJ duo VENDETTA, who have multiple tracks signed to Armin Van Buuren's record label, Armada.

JAUREGUII stands out among many for his unrivaled dedication to his artistry. His striking ability to transform the mind through his evocative rhythms and powerful melodies lie within his elevated state of mind.

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Notable Venues

Exchange - LA

Penthouse Hotel Miami Music Week - Miami

The Fillmore - Miami

Knockdown Center - NYC

Juvia - Miami

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